Ongoing Career Assistance

Offering career information on a daily basis, SmartBrief on Your Career provides brief summaries and links to articles and other information.  These resources cover topics ranging from resumes and interviews to leadership and effective communication.  This service would be of value to those looking for their first job as well as seasoned professionals with a desire for ongoing career advancement. 

For samples of SmartBrief on YourCareer and to sign up, click here:

Teaching Suggestions

  • Have students conduct online research to determine the most valuable websites for keeping up to date on career planning activities.
  • Have students select an online career source and create an elevator speech with a summary of the information presented. 

Discussion Questions 

  1. What topics might be most valuable for keeping up to date with career planning?
  2. Explain how social media might be used for career planning activities.
  3. Describe how career information needs differ between entry-level employees and those who are at an advanced stage of their careers.
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